Commercial Rooftop Rentals

SmartRoof Capital's investors will rent your roof for a set price per square foot. This is at no cost to your business ever.

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Commercial Rooftop Solar Purchases

If your business has the upfront capital necessary, you can purchase a solar array yourself to take advantage of tax credits, reduced electricity bills, and monthly income via direct deposit from your utility.

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Residential Solar

Your own home can also become a source of revenue generation. Take advantage of monetary incentives using our various financing options.

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SmartRoof Capital

By taking advantage of new rooftop solar incentives, SmartRoof Capital has implemented a strategy to monetize these incentives. SmartRoof Capital is serving real estate developers, local businesses, landlords, and other property owners. Regardless of whether they have no upfront capital, large tax liabilities, or enough cash on hand for a solid business investment, there is always an option for property owners to consider.


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